Chope Phulkari from the Punjab


180 x 270 cm


Middle 20th century




Embroidery cotton on cotton


Very good, one spot


This is a special type of wedding phulkari known as a chope, characterized by its large size and the use of a stepped double running stitch that creates the same pattern on both sides of the cloth. The thread is most often gold-colored to represent prosperity and the khaddar (hand woven cloth) is always deep red to symbolize health and fertility (red being the auspicious wedding color used throughout South Asia). Traditionally a chope is made soon after a girl’s birth by either her maternal grandmother or her mother and presented to her at the time of her wedding by her maternal grandmother or uncle.

In 2000 HALI Magazine published my article on Phulkaris; you can download it here on my website “publications”




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