Necklace from Himachal Pradesh


74cm long; Middle part 12 x 12cm without the little clam shaped bells

Weight 607 grams


Himachal Pradesh, Northern India


19th/20th century


Silver with blue and green Enamel


Very good


This style of necklace from Himachal Pradesh, referred to as ‘chandr ahaar‘ or ‘chandraseni har‘, consists of long silver chains linked by engraved or enameled silver plaques and pendants. The central pendant commonly contain motifs of the mother goddess or – like this piece – a tree of life, flanked by two birds.

The name of the triangular pieces at the end are samosa, the rectangular pieces tukri, the triangular pendant in the center has hanging tiny bells, called ghungroo

The necklace was traditionally worn by women of the Kullu tribe in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh on festivals.


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