Virabadhra Shrine


23cm high, base 7,0 x 17,0 cm. Statue in the middle is 15cm high.


Karnataka, India


Virabadhra Shrine


19th century


Very good; the faces of the statues are rubbed off by puja-use


Virabhadhra with four hands, in which he holds a arrow, a bow, a sword a shield and a trident.. Dakhsa, his human head replaced with a ram’s head, stands on his left, Badhrakali, his consort, on the right.

Virabhadra came into being after Daksha insulted Shiva’s wife who subsequently comitted suicide and Shiva created him as a form of himself and gave him an army to take revenge from Daksha. Virabhadra cut off Daksha’s head in a battle. The other gods persuaded Shiva to bring Daksha back to life. But Daksha’s head could not be found and so it was substituted with the head of a ram, as can be seen in this bronze.





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